“Why? BTS!” How did they become ARMYs?(1)

"Good morning. I'm Jacob. I'm 7 years old. I came to the airport to see the BTS. Everyone in my family is a BTS fan. I got to know about BTS because of my sister. My favorite member is RM! "

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Jacob is a seven-year-old boy. He lives in Los Angeles, USA. His idol is BTS. His sister loves V, and he likes RM. And on the 14th of last month, they went to Tom Bradley International Airport.

Jacob faced BTS with the influence of his sister. At first, Korean lyrics were strange. Next, choreography was amazing. Jacob finally become an ARMY

Most overseas fans become ARMY like Jacob. Recommende by friends → Watching YouTube → Impressed by performance → Surprised by lyrics → Becoming addicted to BTS World

"BTS has pulled K-pop, a subculture, into the mainstream. It is now the most popular mainstream boy group in the US "(Forbes)

K-pop is still the Outsider culture. But BTS is mainstream. It broke through the giant Pop market and stood on the main stream.

"Hello. I am Mei. 22 years old. I also learned BTS from my friend. I remember I said, "Who is BTS?" But now I only listen to BTS songs. "

Mei's addiction path is also word-of-mouth. Their skill and ability make rumor real.

"Hi, I'm Catherine (20). The reason why I like BTS? BTS which has two faces! Performance is passionate, but daily life is so sweet. Do you know BANGTAN BOMB? It's my 'greatest' channel to know BTS. "

Overseas ARMYs confirmed the rumor with 'eyes'. YouTube was the means.

"Unbelievable. Seven people move to one ... I can not believe it. Moderately gorgeous? I could see how they made a lot of effort. Especially, 'Fire' choreography is legend. "(Katherine)

When you search for BTS on YouTube, there are over 15 million videos. Among them, 'Fire', 'Boy In Luv', 'Blood Sweat and Tears', 'I NEED YOU' and 'DNA' exceeded 100 million views respectively.

'BigHit Entertainment' responded to the needs of fans abroad. It built and operated a channel called 'Bangtan TV'. The representative corner is "BANGTAN BOMB" (as Katherine says). It shares the daily life of the members without filtering.

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To be continued...