“Why? BTS!” How did they become ARMYs?(2)

"Good to see you! I'm Samantha. 17 years old. Why do I like BTS? Look at the reaction video. There is an answer why we love BTS! "

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BTS is no longer K-pop. It is a genre. It is a culture and a play.

Overseas fans answered 'Impression' from BTS with American 'Action'. So-called reaction video. This made sympathy and shared.

(YouTube) The number of reaction videos is about 4.6 million. The video, 'Reaction of youtubers to BTS', recorded 5.4 million views.

According to the analysis of 'Big Hit', the first step in overseas markets is 'Danger'. An agency official said, "Overseas fans started to show interest in BTS because of hip-hop with powerful dance."

'Danger' is the starting point of word-of-mouth. Overseas professional dancers appreciated, admired and recommended the choreography of the unfamiliar Korean boy group on YouTube.

For example, "Salv & Family" (Salv & Family) responded to each action. "Seven people, one movement. The angle of choreagraphy is alive. "

"Hello! I'm Angie. I'm 17 years old, and I'm from Pennsylvania. The BTS is not just a boy group. We will speak for our voice. Their song is our story. "

BTS Universal, in a word 'world view'. We can see 'a real boy' in their songs. The boy is mature through pain and grows through wandering.

Angie also told the storytelling. "I translate Korean lyrics into English, understand them, and recite them in Korean again," he said. "There is no problem in empathizing with different languages."

"Pay attention to the message in the lyrics. It has a social issue, not a love story. Most boy groups do not address social issues. "(Brooklyn & Bailey)

BTS is one of mega hits in 2017. There is no doubt. It is the hottest boy band in the world.

Was it just because DNA was good? When analyzing the success of BTS, the keyword you should not forget is 'effort'. Blood, Sweat and Tears ... .

Efforts have made ability, and ability has led to 'Fever'. Fever got on 'Fire'

P.S : There is a father

"Good morning. I'm Frank. Daughter Natasha who likes BTS so much. Thanks to it (AMAs) I got to the awards ceremony. I am so lucky to know BTS (late). They are REAL!"

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