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Full Story of How BTS` Jungkook Collpased after the Performance During Concert in Chile

The never-told story of Jungkook collapsing after performing with BTS has been revealed.

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On March 28th, the second episode of BTS' 'Burn the Stage' on Youtube Red was released. On the episode, a past story of how the golden maknae fainted after performing on the stage was revealed. It was all happened during BTS' world tour in Santiago, Chile, back in March 2017.

As you know, BTS is popular for their energetic and powerful dances. While it might be entertaining for most of the audiences, there is one thing that needs to be paid off: BTS members' struggle to perform the choreography. Their stages require a lot of energy, and, yes, all of the members can be seen giving their best for the fans.

While the other members still can't stand the struggle, Jungkook was extremely exhausted that he fainted. It was reported that the other members had told Jungkook to take easy on his body but he himself insisted to hang on till the end. When he was asked why he put so much effort during the concert, he said, "It's been a long time (for us) not to visit Chile and I don't know when I will be able to visit there again." He continued, "I can feel my body is aching but I think I have given all my best for my precious fans."

As this story revealed, fans look back on Jungkook's one statement in the past: "I always think every stage as the last stage for me. I always try my best on the stage."