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Cutest KPOP Cross Agency Interactions

KPOP is beautiful in that you get to see our favorite idols interact with their bandmates and show a love for one another that brings a tear to your eyes. But then when you see idols interact with other idols from different agencies, you'll see a whole new side of KPOP away from fandom wars. Here are some of the loveliest friendships cross agencies.

P.O and Song Min Ho 

Now everyone knows Zico and Song Min Ho are great friends but did you know P.O and Song Min Ho are also good friends? Although they are in separate groups, they went to high school together and had the same classes. In 2010, they appeared on 'VJs on the Scene' showing off their rap skills. They both even trained for Block B together but Song Min Ho ultimately left. However, their friendship remained strong through the years as they continue to spend time together!

Heechul and Hani

Despite the constant teasing, Hani and Heechul share a very pure and kind friendship. People used to say Hani and Heechul looked alike and her nickname was "Ahn Heechul." She has said that Heechul is someone she's grateful for as he was a terrific and close friend of hers during her hard times.

BamBam and Lisa

Fun fact: The two were friends since childhood and were in the same dance crew in Thailand! BamBam's sister even posted a picture of Lisa to congratulate her debut!

Jimin and Taemin 

It's a surprise the world hasn't imploded from the sheer power of two dance gods being friends. Their friendship is so strong Jimin even thanked Taemin in the 'Wings' and 'Love Yourself' album. They also frequent each other's concerts in support!!

Ailee, Amber, Eric Nam

This trio = squad goals. They are seen frequently supporting and teasing one another on social media and always post cute photos of themselves hanging out!

Park Bo Gum and V 

Their bromance first started when they went on an amusement park date together, and since then everything was history. The two have always loved and supported one another with the work that they do whether that be music or acting and it's beautiful the way they care. They spend a lot of quality time together doing things like going to Big Bang's '0 to 10 Final in Seoul' concert and even vacationing to Jeju Island together!

Jin, Eunkwang, Ken, and Youngjae

The cutest quarter became friends because of their mutual love of video games. The four of them created a gaming crew called "We're the Strongest Idols" to play League of Legends together. The four have been spotted eating dinner together and sharing laughter and joy during their breaks!

G-Dragon and Kwanghee

On the surface, G-Dragon may seem like a no-nonsense type of guy but he proves to be one of the kindest and loving friends in the KPOP industry, and that's reflected in his friendship with Kwanghee. On an episode of 'Radio Star', Kwanghee told a story of how G-Dragon set up a whole restaurant tour ALL PAID FOR at some of the most expensive restaurants in Jeju when Kwanghee came to visit. Even though G-Dragon was unable to make it down to Jeju, the gesture was sweet in letting his friend know how much he cares about him.

Bora and Tiffany

Tiffany and Bora are known to be best friends in the KPOP industry. They even announced on 'Fashion King Korea' that they spend a lot of time together and visit each other's houses! Tiffany spends a lot more time in the U.S. now, but whenever she's in Korea, she makes sure to visit Bora.