BTS’s Jin Comments On Big Hit Entertainment Giving Members Time To Rest

Big Hit Entertainment definitely knows how to take care of its artists.

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BTS’s Jin recently held a V Live broadcast to take some time to connect with fans. Receiving questions from fans about the group’s upcoming comeback, Jin said that he couldn’t give any spoilers, but he shared, “The choreography is good, and the song is good. I don’t know about the music video as it’s not out yet. There’s something special too.”

Jin then reassured fans who were worried that the group may be too exhausted from their busy schedules. According to Jin, their agency gave them definitive time to rest while preparing for their comeback. He explained that the agency allotted around two thirds of their schedule for preparing for their comeback and work, and the other third was dedicated towards their rest or making content for ARMY.

He proudly commented, “I think that’s why our album has good quality. I think our agency has a good strategy; it’s smart. Our agency is quite smart.”

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