TXT's Member Beomgyu Revealed That He is an ARMY, Said That He is Always Nervous When He Meets BTS

Beomgyu is indeed a fan of BTS.

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During TXT's debut conference which took place on the 5th, the boys talked about their subaenim and revealed how they really respect them. Member Yeonjun started, "BTS sunbaenim is like a sky for us. However, because they performed in various countries, it's hard to meet them." He continued, "We also watched them through videos. We were so surprised when they mentioned us at one awards ceremony and when reporters asked about us at the Grammys red carpet. They have given us many suggestions and we are so touched about it."

Beomgyu then continued with his sudden confession. He said, "I am a big fan of BTS. My heart races and I cannot speak when I meet them at the company. When we meet, they sometimes emphasize that teamwork is the most important thing. They say that we should think about our team in the very first place. They also show their support and wish us to become great artists in the industry. I remember how their encouragement made my spirit up while practicing."