BTS Is Full Of Laughter And Passion Behind The Scenes Of “Boy With Luv” MV With Halsey

BTS gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of their latest music video “Boy With Luv“!

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On April 13, BTS released the MV shooting sketch for their new title track “Boy With Luv” featuring Halsey. The clip shows the members filming their music video on various sets, both together and individually.

Referring to how “Boy With Luv” starts with his vocals, Jimin remarks playfully, “I heard there’s a saying that [a song] will be a success if it starts with Jimin.” Suga also comments, “Our choreography this time will be a style that you haven’t seen before.”

The idols appear to be having a blast filming, and they poke fun at each other in between takes. Jungkook and J-Hope joke around in Korean and English, and Jimin surprises his members by having them pose for a group selfie before announcing, “It’s a video!” Jungkook also points out that a pattern on the floor resembles the symbol for their official fanclub ARMY and flashes a bright smile at the camera.

On a different set, RM explains with a shy smile, “There’s a really famous musical film called ‘Singin’ in the Rain.’ [This scene] is an homage to [that movie], with the feeling that our unhappiness is now over.” Jin adorably complains to V that he squashed a rose by stepping on it, but V then sweetly offers the flower to ARMY and asks them to wait.

BTS then films with Halsey for the first time, and they share a laugh while monitoring their dance scene together. V makes the American singer cheer out loud when he tells her that they only have one take left, saying in English, “Happy good news. Last one.”

BTS concludes the video with a message to ARMY in which they reveal that they filmed the music video over the course of three days. The members praise Halsey for her kindness and thank her for working hard despite having traveled for a long time before filming. The clip ends with footage of an adorable visit by V’s beloved dog Yeontan, with Suga running away after dognapping him.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video above!