Today's Myeong-dong

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Today is Myeong-dong. (September 24, 2019_Korea standard time)

Myeong-dong is one of the famous places in Seoul and visited by many tourists.

Myeong-dong Cathedral is located in Myeong-dong. It's a great place to take pictures.

△명동성당 [Myeong-dong Cathedral, 明洞聖堂]

It is also worth trying street food sold in Myeong-dong. 
You can not pay by credit card, so you need to prepare cash.

You can enjoy Korean food such as kalguksu, samgyeopsal, chicken ribs, and Korean pancake. 

You can also enjoy Soju(Korean distilled spirits Korean liquor),
beer and rice wine. (If you're not a minor.. :-D )

In Myeong-dong, you can buy clothes, shoes, accessories, cosmetics and household goods.
In addition, there are big shopping malls such as Lotte Department Store, Shinsegae Department Store, Myeongdong Migliore, and Noon Square .
There is also an underground shopping mall inside Myeong-dong station.

Seoul City Hall and Deoksugung Palace are about a 10-minute walk from Myeong-dong,
so we recommend that you see them together. 
△덕수궁 대한문 [Deoksugung Daehanmun Gate, 德壽宮大漢門]

It is also recommended to take pictures in front of the "I SEOUL U" sculpture in front of Seoul City Hall.
△I SEOUL U sculpture

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