BTS Jimin to be the first to one in Korea to have birthday support in São Paolo, Brazil subway station

BTS Jimin to be the first to one in Korea to have birthday support in São Paolo, Brazil subway station.

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BTS Jimin's fanbase, @JIMINBAR_CHINA is well known for their large scale and beyond expectation birthday supports for BTS Jimin. 'Fly to the World' is a birthday support series organized by @JIMINBAR_CHINA to be project around the world on BTS Jimin upcoming birthday. On October 7th, @JIMINBAR_CHINA announced part 18 of their 'Fly to the World' birthday support in São Paolo, Brazil.

BTS Jimin will be the first in Korea to have a birthday support in São Paolo, the biggest city in Brazil and in South America, subway for all routes and stations 59 LED billboards. The birthday support will go live from October 7th until October 13th over 200 times a day.

To BTS Jimin fans in São Paolo, Brazil don't miss the chance to see this amazing birthday support as quoted by @JIMINBAR_CHINA, 'Dawn of São Paulo will be lighted by Jimin'

Check out all of BTS Jimin's birthday support by @JIMINBAR_CHINA


Part 1: Precious - ALL 702 PDV, LED & DID screens in all routes & stations of Seoul Metro Station

Part 2: Pageantry - Guangzhou, Green Axis Square

Part 3: Peerless - Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia triangle intersection big screen

Part 4: Preeminent - Shanghai, Aegean Sea Shopping Mall 12000㎡ Billboard Around Wall

Part 5: Penicillin - National-wide 2629 LCD SCREENS in 318 Cinemas of 45 cities in China

Part 6: Mignon - Adopting an Emperor Penguin in Antarctic

Part 7: Panegyric - Manila Galleria Corporate Center Screen, Philippines

Part 8: Papillon - Chinese Taipei City’s Government Station and Guanghua Digital Xintiandi Double Light Wall Supporting & First Business District Ximending Double Big Screen Support.

Part 9: Premier - Thailand SHOWDC over 2000m² Big Screen

Part 10: Paradise - Double Big Billboards in Jordan and Lebanon

Part 11: Ornate - Times Square Slivercast Media in NYC, USA

Part 12: Phénix  - Pre-film Advertising Video in All Korea CGV Theatres

Part 13: Promiseful - 'Jimin' theme bus in Busan, Korea

Part 14: Radiance - Public welfare and support at the Bab Ezzouar Mall, Algeria

Part 15: Première neige - Gangnam-gu “First Snow” Large Creative Birthday Party

Part 16: Pétale - Seoul surrounded by 'Jimin' theme train

Part 17: Positive - "Light 1013" Hope Assistance Program

Part 18: Enthusiasm - São Paulo, Brazil subway stations

Happy birthday, BTS Jimin!