Examples of BTS V being a real life model for kids go viral in the online community

We have read many articles on how fans are inspired by their idols and how they help in making their lives better and more enriching. Plenty of anecdotes have been shared by many on social media apps of how the ubiquitous k-pop band BTS has helped them in their daily lives.

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What is not that known though, is how one particular member of the band has changed the lives of the most precious creations ever- little kids. Kim Taehyung, aka BTS V has become the real -life role model slash friend slash inspiration to many kids and it is the most purest thing to see how these kids look up to him and try to emulate him and be more like him in not only their looks and clothingbut also their actions.

A few days ago, this thread by a mother became wildly popular on twitter because it shared a very heartwarming story of how her little 7-year old kid found BTS V and how he helped him be more true to himself even at such a young age.

The thread goes on to say how the little boy was bullied in school because he liked to wear a bracelet his grandmother had gifted him. He then removed that bracelet and however much everyone tried, no one was able to help lift his spirits.

He then found out about this cool guy named Kim Taehyung who liberally coloured his hair and sported jewellery like he was made for it and soon the little kid was enamoured and he slowly realised that if BTS V can wear it so confidently, he can do it too!

n 2018, a kid by the name of Yoon Jihoo had written a letter to Taehyung where he confessed that he did not have any friends when he was younger, but then he found BTS V and the rest and gained confidence in himself after watching Taehyung and how that changed his life for the better!

Taehyung even responded back to this letter on their official twitter account and we later found out that the little kid cried when he came to know his inspiration wrote back to him.

Translation of Taehyung's letter is the sweetest thing you will read today, I can guarantee that.

There is also one little kid who wants to be like Kim Taehyung when he grows up. He emulates his fashion sense so well - we are waiting to see him grow up to be like his idol!

Check out his official twitter account below:

On their recent tour in Chicago, BTS V spotted a tiny Army and he immediately went down into to the crowds and gave him his hat. Isn't he the sweetest?

The baby army who says that Taehyung is his protector, his "Anpanman" thanked him very adorably in a video.

It is indeed so lovely to see how Kim Taehyung not only is an idol of idols, is a role model to people in his profession, but also inspires millions of others. The fact that children, the ones who have to be carefully nurtured as they are our future, the fact that they look up to him and get inspired by him and get confidence from him to be true to themselves, to always believe in oneself and to know your own self-worth- there can be no better or truer worth as an artist that anyone would want to achieve. We are truly, extremely, proud of BTS V. May he always continue to inspire young minds!