Jimin's hairstyle swept fans around the world at the 2020 Grammy Awards

The hairstyle that BTS Jimin presented at the '2020 Grammy Award' attracts attention from all over the world.

On May 27, Time reported that the hairstyle that BTS Jimin showed off at the 2020 Grammy Awards swept fans around the world.

The media said, "The fans were disappointed when BTS didn't win the 62nd Grammy Award despite making history as the first K-pop group to achieve platinum in the US."

"But when BTS' Jimin got on the stage with a new style, his eyes caught him at once."

Time said, "BTS attended an awards ceremony in Los Angeles and performed" Old Town Road All-Star "with Lil Nath X. The Red Carpet appeared in a simple trench coat, blazer and turtleneck."

In particular, Time emphasized Jimin's blonde hairstyle. The media said, "The gold hair styling that Jimin perfectly digested during the performance captured the loyal fans completely."

Meanwhile, "Jimin's new blonde hair fans have poured out endless praise and generous love on SNS," the media said, revealing real-time fans' reaction.

At the 2020 Grammy Awards, Jimin appeared in silvery blond hair. Jimin's bright skin and hair style that suits him captivated the viewers as well as the fans who visited the site.

Jimin exerts extraordinary influence with his hairstyle alone. Expectations are growing as to how the new album will appear in the future.