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Production Team of 'Squid Game' and Netflix Respond to Recent Accusation of Illegal Phone Number Exposure

They have now responded to the issue.

As previously reported, the production team of the Netflix series 'Squid Game' has received complaints about illegally exposing a phone number in the series. It happened that the phone number written on the 'Squid Game' business card is the same as one Netizen's. The Netizen revealed that they had received over 4,000 calls and text messages due to this fatal error.

Image Source: Netflix

Regarding this, the production team of the series and Netflix have now responded. They commented, "We are aware of this and we are trying our best to solve this problem."

According to South Korea's law, exposure of personal information to the public without any censor might lead to fines up to KRW 50 million (USD 42,500).