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J-HOPE Profile

1. J-Hope real name is   Jung Hoseok

2. His Birthday is 18 February 1994.

3. J-Hope Favorite Color is Green.

4. J- Hope Favorite weather is spring.

5.  J-Hope Blood Type is A.

6. J- hope Favorite Number is 7.

7. J-Hope is the type of person to approach someone without hesitation and his speaking habits are also like that.

8. J-HOPE hates exercising/working out.

9. Rap Monster, “If I’m fire, J-Hope is water. he’s good at ‘turning off’ my bad habits. He’s really sociable so he’s good at mixing with others and our group members.”

10. J-Hope sometimes nagging RapMon and he says “Okay. I won’t do that anymore.” But he never really listens. Now most of RapMon bad habits are fixed.

11. J-Hope received commissioned education in Gwangju after signing a contract with his company.

12. J-hope long face is 27 cm.

13. When Jin made seaweed soup for J-Hope and it tasted really good, it made J-Hope speechless because he think it tasted like his mom’s.

14. Before debut J-hope hate doing aegyo but now he change his mind for his fans.

15. Q) I heard that J-Hope was part of the street dance team NEURON.

J-Hope, “While promoting underground with my street dance team, I did a lot of popping. In popping, there’s another sub-genre called Boogaloos and that was the one I did the most. I got a lot of prizes and performed a lot while promoting. If Rap Monster rapped underground so I in danced.”

16. Q) The promotions you did back then must’ve helped you a lot with promoting in Bangtan.

J-Hope , “Yes. Of course, it helped a lot. We all came up with our own choreography for our dance breaks in “We Are Bulletproof Pt.2”. I’m working hard in filling the gaps that the members have in dancing.”

17. J-Hope won an underground dance battle and even performed at a festival.
V, “I can confirm this. While enrolling at Korea Arts School, there were lots of trainees coming from different districts. When I debuted with Bangtan, my friends asked me “J-Hope hyung, is he the one from that dance academy in Gwangju?” That’s how famous he was.”

18. J-Hope, Jimin, and Jungkook would often take lead and practice at midnight or sometimes even 1 or 2 am, practicing for two hours each time.

19. J-Hope and B.A.P Zelo went to the same Academy for rap and dance in Gwangju.

20. J-Hope is like mother in BTS because he is sometimes nag other members.

21. His ideal type is someone who loves him which is known as his fans, thoughtful, good at cooking, read a lots of book, and only loves him. He want to cool, talk and read books with her.

22.  J-Hope and B.A.P Youngjae audition together for their JYP audition.

23. J-Hope’s resolution in 2014 —> “Since we already got an award, i want to work harder and show a better of me. Since also  have activities in Japan look forward to them. I also learning Japanesse, so i already putting thoughs on working hard for our Japan activities.

24. V said J-hope as like Doraemon, because he always find the solution.

25. J-Hope is closest with Jungkook.

26. His role model is Benzino.

27. When J-Hope younger, he wants to be a singer.

28. His motto, “If you don’t work hard, there won’t be good result.”

29. J-Hope express the color of BTS is Red because they think BTS be burn hot and the red of passion.

30. Everyday J-Hope writing lyrics and like visiting the Fancafe when he has time because he need to know what are fans saying.

31. When he had trouble or worried something, he share with Rap Monster and Suga.

32. When J-hope has super power, he wants read people heart and know the truth.

33. All members said J-Hope is so friendly.

34. In Hallowen event, J-Hope wants to be a Batman.

35. Q) If you had a compare J-Hope to non human, what would they be?

Jungkook, “Deer.”

Jimin, “The 2nd Grandma.”

Suga, “A Cat.”

V, “A Deer.”

JIN, “J-Hope is like a beagle puppy. At home he’s really untidy and leaves things scattered around and he’s also clinging into people all the time.”

36. His hometown is Gwangju but it’s been 3 years since he moved to Seoul.

37. He wants Japanesse fans called him ‘Sugoi J-Hope’.

38. His nicknames is Hope, Smile Hoya,.

39. His image before debuting is a passionate child who liked dancing.

40.When he was younger he was quite famous in the Gwangju dance underground. Rapping, dancing, and singing was his life.

41. For J-Hope, Bangtan is another him.

42. A song to listen to on rainy days is Remy Shand ‘Rocksteady’.

43. When he feel strained, he looks at the sky. These days he is happy so it goes away naturally.

44. Things he wants to steal from other members is Jimin’s chocolate abs, Rap Monster’s rap skill and his good English.

45. J-Hope said about member’s secret is they have abs.

46. Someday he wants to be like Benzino, A$AP Rocky, influence his music and fashion style.

47. J-Hope likes Dynamic Duo ‘Solo’ because he had memories about that song. In the past, he had girlfriend that he like a lot, but she left him for another man. He very upset so he riding the bus and played that music. (Rookie Channel)

48. V said the one who clean up the mess is J-Hope. He cleans up after their neatly, just like a mom. And he also good at folding the laundry like a mom.

49.  J-Hope Favorite Song in 2nd mini album Skool Luv Affair is 하루만 ( Just One Day)

50. When BTS MV making Boy in Luv  in Namyangju, J-Hope collapsed in there But after going to the hospital, J-Hope recover quickly and then he came back to the MV making location soon. And Jung Kook said that J-Hope’s strength is really Amazing.

51. Q) Which outfit concept do u like in the Simulatin Love Game? [Kstar Wonderland]

J-Hope,  “All of them is not doing yet, but i like to wear a suit. Because i think masculinity will comes out, i enjoy it. (Laugh)” <J-HOPE shows off his looks and favourite suit>

52. Q) Do you have any expression that hard to try to shoot? Please explain it. [Kstar Wonderland]

J-Hope : I always doing or look over with various expressions, rather than to be difficult, i enjoy it.

53. J-Hope Ideal Date –>  “I love the sea, I would like to walk down to the beach and holding hands a girl~! (Laugh)”

54. J-Hope,  “In middle school, while I studied I also did my best learning how to dance! I received various awards with my performances and I remember that was also pretty famous between my friends~ (laughs).”

55. Q) By the way, you held a showcase in Japan for the first time, how were the Japanese fan’s reactions?

J-Hope: We did a high touch with everyone but there were lots of shy people and some couldn’t even look at us in the eye…

56 . J-Hope have a dog. and the dog name Mickey.

57. J-Hope want to get closer with Im Jeong Hee because he fans her. And he really respect with Park Ji Young.

58. Jin imagined When God Made J-Hope?

 Jin : “Add a bit of hygiene sense, we’ll make his face length a bit long. It’ll be nice if he’s a bit hopeful, so just a bit HYPERACTIVITY!”

59. Jimin’s first impression about J-Hope, “The first person i met was J-Hope. He was very friendly to me, ‘Excuse me, Jimin..’. So i remembered J-Hope the most.”

60. J-Hope being a Singer Tradisional  for ‘One Day Show Champion Mission’. -Show Champion 140416-

61. Suga and J-Hope are really bad in drawing.

62. If get a day off, Rap Monster, J-Hope, and Suga want to go to vacation. -MCD Backstage 140425-

63. J-Hope likes Melodramatic movies and he is quite sensitive.  His father likes movies, so he remembers watching a lot of DVDs since he was a kid.

64. Watching Melodrama’s really helps J-Hope for writes lyrics.

65. When he was wearing a mask all the time for No More Dream performance, he was tiring because he had to do a lot of skin care.

J-Hope, “Taking care of my skin is difficult. Recently, acne/pimple is are a particular problem for me these days. I’d try to do a lot of cleansing and choose the right products make up for my skin but there’s no effect. I want to have ‘Honey Skin.”

66. If J-Hope given time alone for a day, he wants to travel. He wouldn’t bring a camera like Suga and take a lot of pictures food, scenery, selcas with my phone.

67. J-Hope’s first time traveling overseas to Japan was after debut . Riding an airplane and eating an in-flight meal for the first time.

68. J-Hope hasn’t been to the theaters by himself. But if he gets the chance, he will go alone to watch a Melodrama.

69. J-Hope wants trying to trick Suga if he had a chance to do a hidden camera on another member.

70. J-Hope wants to do a program like ‘Infinity Challenge’, where you can talk while also using your body. He also thinks being on programs like ‘Radio Star’ and wants to appear on a program with Noh Hong Chul.

71. J-Hope said music shows are hard because they receive a lot of pressure and constantly look for the camera.

72. For J-Hope, the most important thing is a Charger.

73. Q : Close your eyes. If you could do anything, be anywhere, with anyone, what would you be doing?

– J-Hope, “Spend the day with a fan.”

74. J-Hope thinks always neat and clean, so he loves scold Rap Mon about it.

75. When BTS were dance rehearsal for ‘Boy In Luv’, after 10 hours of the rehearsal, they got home at 5 in the morning and nobody hesitated to take a shower even though they were all wrecked. But it seemed like lazy, J-Hope missed his timing to have a shower, lying down on the bed, he was enjoying his web surfing time. So Suga asked to J-Hope, “Hey, don’t you want to take shower?”. Suga just asking, but J-Hope  looked as if he got insulted or something.

J-Hope, “SUGA! You know i always take a shower! I’ll do it in 5 minutes! I can’t sleep without a shower!”
Suga, “Ugh.. Alright.. I see..”
But in the end, J-Hope fell asleep with his laptop in his bed.

76. About J-Hope’s evil side. [BTS FESTA RADIO]

– Jimin, “J-Hope is bright guy, laught a lot and has become hopeful like his name. J-Hope has good energy that effects everyone in a good way and i  think J-hope is awesome. And people think he’s always nice and innocent. But, inside his smiley face, there’s an evil living there. J-Hope winds me up all the time but never stop smiling even when he does that. But you can never punch someone who looks so happy like that. One day, i was sleeping and all of sudden he poked me and shook me saying,
‘Jiiiimiiiiiiiin, wake up and play with me!!!!’
So, i woke up. But right after i opened my eyes, he just grinned at me and went back to sleep like nothing happened. So i thought,
‘Uuuugh! i can never say anything to him cause he’s older than me!’.
And once he told me he would give me a massage and started squeezing the back of my neck, and that got tigher and tigher! He was smiling at then too! At the end i wat getting upset but he didn’t stop it. He was doing it even harder and said,
‘This will relax your muscles.’
When i was sitting down at the rehearsal room during the break, he head locked me. He hit me once and left the room so i looked at him with a serious face for a second. J-Hope, the timid, came to the room only after three seconds and gave me some mischievous hugs and said,
‘Jimin! Are you upset at me? Are you?? You are not! Aren’t you??’
Chuckling hard, he left room after 10 seconds. What should i do with him?”

77. J-Hope Greetings, “Hi!! I’m your hope, konichiwa BTS no J-Hope desu, nihao wo shi J-hope.” [J-Hope write his profile]

78. Have you ever seen another member doing something extremely cheesy for the fans that made you cringe? (All member choose J-Hope) [Arirang Pops In Seoul Ep 2724]
– Rap Monster, “There’s something he always says whenever we make a comeback or wrap up our promotion. He says that we got to make a comeback or successfull complete the promotion, thanks to the love shown by our fans.”
– Suga, “I’m not good at expressing how i feel with words.But Jimin and J-Hope are good at expressing themselves.I envy them for that.”
– Jungkook, “Me neither!”

79. Confession Camera [MNET America Go!BTS]
# J-Hope to Rap Monster
Rap Monster : What?
J-Hope : I apologize for your existence. Just kidding.I have one thing to apologize for.
Rap Monster : Just one??
J-Hope : Sorry, i always tease you about your snoring. I’m sorry man.
Rap Monster : It’s okay, i have many things to apologize for, too.

80. V and J-Hope did Self PR Time mission at M!Countdown Begins (140918). They sing and dance to the slow version of your part in their song of ‘Danger’. But V did a funny one like a roar of lion in the Metro Goldwyin Mayer trade mark. In the end, V said ‘Bye’ with a weirdest expression.

81. J-Hope, “Looking back at my audition, i got more matured and refined. I’ve improved in music too.” [SKOOL LUV AFFAIR KEYWORD TALK]

82. J-Hope’s dream as an artist is he wants to be on various TV Shows. [SKOOL LUV AFFAIR KEYWORD TALK]

83. Happines for J-Hope is if he doesn’t care about the standards, and think he’s happy then he’s happy. [SKOOL LUV AFFAIR KEYWORD TALK]

84. Name 3 requirements for J-Hope happiness is Family, Health, and Love. [SKOOL LUV AFFAIR KEYWORD TALK]

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