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JIN Profile

1. Jin real name is Kim Seok Jin

2. Jin Favorite Number is 4

3. Jin Loves Cooking

4. Jin Favorite Color is Pink

5. Jin wants to be called ‘Jin Hime‘ (Princess Jin) by Japanese fans

6. Jin Favorite Weather is Spring sunlight

7. Jin Blood Type is O

8. His birthday is 4 December 1992.

9. Jin Habit is blinking his left eye when hungry.

10. Jin loves Eating

11.  Jin also enjoy looking at photographs and recipes

12.  Jin started Super Mario when he was five years old and Maple Story in seven grade and still faithfully play them. He think Super Mario characters and the monsters in Maple Story are extremely cute

13. When Jin made seaweed soup for J-Hope and it tasted really good, it made J-Hope speechless because he think it tasted like his mom’s

14. Jin can speaks a bit of chinesse.

15. Jin is friends with Kidoh (Jin Hyosang) of ToppDogg. Kidoh left Bangtan in 2012 on good terms.

16. Jin made a big mistake during their first performance at M!Countdown. His pants went down all the way to his thighs.

17. Jin favorite items —> Maple Story action figures, Super Mario action figures, Nintendo games.

18. Jin and Jimin always go to the Gym together.

19. Jin and Rap Monster is Black hole in dance.

20. Jin wins stare quiz.

21. Q) Wasn’t it hard for a student majoring in acting to practice [to be an idol]?

– Jin, “At first it was really hard but there were lots of kids who helped me and treated me really well. They helped me a lot and said things like “Try listening to this song.”, “Try doing it this way.” and so training became easier.”

– Suga, “He’s a hyung who had a considerable amount of interest in hip-hop [before becoming a trainee], so it wasn’t that hard.”

22. Jin, “I’m in charge of the kitchen. When we come back from grocery shopping, the members just dump the stuff we bought anywhere and don’t put it in the fridge. So I put in all the food in the fridge and throw out old food. (laughs)

– Suga, “He’s a family man. He’s an ideal husband! (laughs)”

23. Jin is the member who usually clean up the dorm.

24. Jin love healthy products.

25. Jin likes doing aegyo.

26. Jin wears really strong prescription glasses but he doesn’t like wearing them because he’ll become insecure.

27. Jin choose V as the member that he closest to.

28. Jin take care of his appearance the most.

29. Jin ideal type is good wife, good at cooking and nice.

30. Jin nick names is Jin princess, Pink Princess.

31. His family is Parents, and Older brother.

32. Favourite food is Lobster, meat, Naengmyun (cold noodles), chicken, greasy food.

33. V describe Jin like Hidetoshi from Doraemon.

34. His role model is T.O.P from Bigbang.

35. In 10 years, Jin wants to be sergeant Kim Seokjin and succeed in Bangtan, he wants Jin’s mothers watching him on TV.

36. Jin’s Resolution in 2014 is wants to try getting muscle/abs. He think it’ll be good to try it once. He thoughs that if he get them it’ll be good.

37. When Jin went to the practice room and spotted a new friend ( V ). V suddenly came over to Jin and started dancing while rubbing V body on Jin. But with his flat face, he just said, “You, go dance in the front over there” to V.

38. Q) If you had a compare Jin to non human, what would they be?

– Jungkook, “Wolf. Jin-hyung looks manly and he’s chic like a wolf but personality-wise, he’s carefree so he’s sloth-like (laughs). He’s really nice and he’s also a good cook, so we call him “granny” between us.”

– Jimin, “Grandma.”

– Suga, “A Wolf.”

 – V, “Prince.”

– J-Hope, “A Princess.”

39. His image before debute is the cute maknae who always listened to his parents.

40. For Jin, his charms is his full bottom lip. The back of his head is round.

41. He wants to steal Jimin’s abs.

42. Jin always happy when someone tell him handsome. It’s also like hearing that he is cute.

43. Jin waking up 2 hours earlier than other members.

44. Jin favourite song when karaoke is 2AM ‘Inorae’.

45. Suga, “Hope-y and I were awake together but we were tired so we were about to sleep when Jin hyung started singing “좋아
요” (Like). (laughs) I thought we must practice really hard [for him to even sing in his sleep]. Turns out, it was just him talking in his sleep. After that I thought, “Ah. That hyung practices even in his sleep. Of course.””

46. Jin Favorite Song in 2nd Mini Album Skool Luv Affair is 하루만 ( Just One Day) because he think that song fits for his voice.

47. Jin  said  it’s really difficult for Comeback 2nd Mini Album Skool Luv Affair. He needs diet & practicing chreography really hard.

48. Jin,  “I also have a dorky side but I listened well in class, I also ate well and when it ended I went straight to home. I was the so-called mediocre student.”

49. Q) Which outfit concept do u like in the Simulation Love Game? [Kstar Wonderland]

Jin : I don’t know because all of them isn’t doing yet, but i’ll consider what it feels fun from now on. Rock band is fun the most.

50. Q) Do you have any expression that hard to try to shoot? Please explain it. [Kstar Wonderland]

Jin : It’s different from each other. It’s like embarrassed expression while embarassed moment, Like glad expression while happy moment, i’ll work hard. But i like a little smile the most.

51. Jin, “If it’s possible, I want to go to a quiet place like a small country. I want to try walking along the pathways. I also want to watch movies, i want it.”

52. Jin Have a dog . The dog name is JJanggu.

53. Jin Have Driver Lisenced .

54. Jin will hit if there’s the member who destroy his beloved toys accidentally and keeps it as a secret. (Yinyuentai Interview 140104)

55. V imagined When God Made Jin?

V : “Shoulders 50 cup,mustache 48 cups, confidence in his face 58425628492292 cups!”

56. Jin about Valentine Day along time ago, “For Valentine’s Day, i made chocolate for my mother. I melted a bunch of Chocolate together. But i burnt them all she was really angry.” -Mnet Jjang #63-

57. Jin never got present at Valentine’s Day.

58. Jin very picky towards Coffee Flavour, he loves Blueberry Yoghurt Flavour. -MCD Backstage 140404-

59. Jin being a Slave for ‘One Day Show Champion Mission’. -Show Champion 140416-

60. If get a day off, Jin wants to have a servant. And he wants to order Suga around to be his servant.

61. Jin really can’t watch horror movies. When he once bravely decided to watch a horror movie during his first year in college, without knowing it, he ended up clinging on to one of them.

62. Jin wants his firstborn child to be a daughter, second to be a son. He wants to make a noona for his son. Jin wants his son to have a noona because a noona would give him pocket money. He said that his hyung always took his money.

63. Jin said as a college student, he does take  a test. On Sunday, he studied for a class called ‘Law and a Legal Mind’ for eight hours  but couldn’t understand anything.

64. Jin thought of a restaurant he want to visit. He want to ask his mom to eat there [with him]. Because he think life is about food.

65. Jin really likes strawberries, but he doesn’t like strawberry flavored things. And he doesn’t like chocolate, he likes chocolate flavored things.

66. When Jin cooks and give it to the members, Suga’s comments are the most detailed. He isn’t hurt by them though. He satisfied with what he make.

67. Jin said, looking at bugs isn’t scary, but if they get on his body, it’s really scary.

68. Interviewer asked Jin if he knew of the Super Mario toy event McDonald’s is having soon since he’s a big fan. Jin knows it starts in June. Jin doesn’t really like hamburgers, he can’t collect the toys himself. So he has asked his friends to help him.

69. For Jimin, Jin places as 1st in looks rankings.

70. When Jin was younger, he wants to be a detective.

71. Dance Teacher Message, “Sigh..” (about his dance skill) [BTS FESTA RADIO]

72. Jin freestyle Rap. [MNET America GO!BTS]
Jin : Yo, Jimin! i was listening to your rap all these years. Why don’t you throw it away? Your rap is so corrupted. I rap just like.. I rap just like.. Jay Z!
All : LOL
Suga : It’s all over! He raps like Jay-Z!Oh My God!!! Period!
Rap Monster : We can’t air this!
Jin : I sincerely apologize to all the fans of Jay-Z and Hip Hop.

73. Confession Camera. [MNET America GO!BTS]

# Jin to Jimin

Jin : You were snoring so hard last time, so–
Jimin : You threw a pillow at me.
Jin : You.. you knew it was me? Just enough so you can wake up.
Jimin : You’d better sleep with your eyes open.

74. Jimin about Jin. [After School Club]
– Jimin, “He’s the oldest, but he likes to whine.”

75. Jin, “I wished to be like my dad. He was really buzy his work. He worked hard for our family. Still never forgot presents for us in his way home. I have really nice memories of him. I wanted to be a person like him.” [SKOOL LUV AFFAIR KEYWORD TALK]

76. Jin, “Looking back at my audition, i didn’t know anything in the audition. What to do and how to sing. I didn’t understand the rhythm. I knew nothing then. Maybe i’m a beginner now.” [SKOOL LUV AFFAIR KEYWORD TALK]

77.  Before becoming a singer, Jin wanted to be really good at singing especially in technical terms, like singing in high notes. Once i shouted for a few days and ended up with a sour throat.” [SKOOL LUV AFFAIR KEYWORD TALK]

78. Jin dreams for a concert and as an artis he wants to try acting. [SKOOL LUV AFFAIR KEYWORD TALK]
– Jin, “My biggest dream is to be in the first rank.

79. Happiness for Jin is a life without worries, companied by the right people for him. [SKOOL LUV AFFAIR KEYWORD TALK]

80. Name 3 requirements for Jin happiness is Money, Friends, and Calm/quiet place. [SKOOL LUV AFFAIR KEYWORD TALK]

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