BTS As School Teachers

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Since the school year is almost over, or is over for some of you. We have done alot of assignments and complicated exams. Just so much stress in general by our teachers :')
All of the different personalities by my teachers reminded me how Bangtan would be if they taught students. So, heres BTS as school teachers.
Drama Teacher
Since Jin has gotten his bachelor degree in acting, I would see him as the Drama Teacher at your school. It would be an easy class to take considering how sweet and mother-like he is towards his students, just like he is with his members. He would make Dad jokes 24/8 and make you all sigh and giggle in disbelief. His stunning charm would lock you in his gaze, being the visual he is. At times, you would get so lost in his beauty, you would forget about the assignments that was due 4 days ago. Jin would also have around 37 apples from his students per day, once again because of how handsome and perfect this Hyung is.
Music Teacher
This one is a no brainer. Us Armys, know how much music means to Suga. And because He is so passionate and fascinated by it, that makes him as the schools Musical instructor. All of his students would respect and admire Yoongi because he would tell his story through music. He would be an inspiring teacher that the students looked up to. Although some students would try messing and teasing the teacher for pure fun and enjoyment, only for it to be backfired by the legendary Sass, Min Suga Jjang jjang man boong boong.
Dance Teacher
J-hope is the main Dancer of Bts making this an easy option for me. Whether you took this class at the beginning, or the end of the day, Hoseok would leave you with hope as you go to your next class or as you happily walked home. His movements left the class in awe as he flowed and flew across the floor. J-hope would also be mindful and always help out his students when asked. His hyperness and happy like personality gave a jolly aura when you entered the dance room, making anyone and everyone energized and excited for class.
English Teacher
Since Namjoon can speak Korean, Japenese and English, I see him as a Language teacher. I think the students would be very fond of this man that he's able to learn one of the most hardest languages (English) and still have time for another culture(Japanese). This would influence the students greatly to push themselves further in that class. Seeing how Namjoon is the leader, I believe he would lead the students very well. He'd be that one teacher who is always there for their students when troubled. His wise persona made him liked and raised highly by many across the school. His goofy like ways would also be entertaining to the eye as he knocked, tripped and broke everything he had in reach.
This isn't exactly a "Teacher role", but nonetheless, It's still a very important duty on campus. With Jimins sweet and kindhearted personality, I could see him helping the students with any concerns and issues. He would be gentle and reassuring trying his very best to solve the students complaints whether it be school or just life problems. He'd be there to comfort and provide mental support just like how he is with his members. The entire student body knew this gorgeous and endearing man that It got to the point where the students didn't come for their problems but to flirt and gawk at the one and only, Park Jimin.
Biology Teacher
Now there was no "real" comparison between the two. But I can really see Taehyung being a rad science teacher! Tae would love having his students do extra exciting lessons. He would take them to many field trips, do many labs, make crafts. You name it. Taehyung would want to do anything and everything that was out of the box. His classroom was filled with odd and unusual objects such as: Skeletons, glow up rocks and plushies that read "I love science". He would play music as you did your work humming and rapping to the Cyphers making the students spew a sly smile. Honestly It would be a very upbeat and friendly class to take. The students enjoyed his weirdness and marveling personality and he enjoyed them as well.
Gym Teacher
With Jungkooks amazing strength and ability to do anything ( coUGH except be near girls shh ily babe cOuGH ) This would fit the Maknae as the Gym teacher! He would be kind to all of his students, throwing his smol cute bunny smile every day to them. The students would always show up and work out and actually participate, making them all have high grades. Of course, in reality they only come to fawn and relish on Kookie every minute in class. Jungkook however wouldn't notice and would smile cutely ear to ear, proud of his peers hard work. The students would find this action adorable and eye catching wondering how someone could be this genuine and cute? And in turn Kookie would get flustered and peachy red.
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