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ASTRO`s Cha Eunwoo Revealed His Ideal Type, Named Two Celebrities He Likes

Cha Eunwoo has stated his ideal type clearly.

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The idol has once revealed his dream girl. On an interview, Cha Eunwoo was asked about his ideal type and he answered, "I am different from Bin (Moonbin), I fall in love with someone slowly and it will be nice if she is a wise girl. I like a girl who has senses, quick-witted, and the one who can adjust with the situation well. I like a kind, feminine girl. If I have to choose a celebrity, I think it will be Moon Chaewon Sunbaenim."

Meanwhile, during his appearance on MBC's 'Section TV' with fellow ASTRO members, Cha Euwnoo played the "ideal-type world cup," ended up with Shin Minah and Kim Sohyun. After thinking a while, Cha Eunwoo eventually chose Shin Minah as his ideal type.