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What is Celohfan?
Thank you for visiting Celohfan.com. Celohfan means the surprise(Oh!) between Celeb and Fan. It is a Blog site dedicated to both Kpop stars and fans. This Site began in November 2016 as a place to chronicle fan’s interests and experiences about Kpop.

Share What you get
What would make your experience perfect? We know that's sharing what you get. No matter hwo big or small, we want to see and hear what you’ve got. That's why we began celohfan.com. You can share the pictures and videos of Kpop star that matter to you. And then you just find out how people enjoy them. Let’s shape celohfan.com together.

Is this where I can ask a question?
Celohfan.com is an online community site to share information and discuss ideas. If you have any curiosity or want to make comment, Please feel free to contact us at celohfan@naver.com

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