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A Never-Released Unedited Photo of ASTRO's Cha Eunwoo Leaked... You will Doubt Your Eyes

A 100% unedited photo of Cha Eunoo has been circulating on the Internet.

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It turned out that the photographer personally uploaded the photo to his/her social media and quickly garnered fans attention. In the caption of the photo, the photographer included the hashtag #NoEdit and a fan asked him/her whether it's true. As a response, the photographer replied, "I know you won't believe it but it's a no-edit photo. I only set the contrast on Instagram before I posted it. My husband even saw him from distance(during the shoot)."

In the photo, Cha Eunwoo looks just stunning without any much effort posing in front of the camera. Cha Eunwoo looks straight in the distance as if he thinks about something, in a black and white frame.

How do you like Cha Eunwoo's unedited photo above, ladies and gentlemen?