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CELOHFAN wants to get the word out about your product or service.

We have a huge audience of people interested in K-pop or living in Korea and the site is continually growing.

We currently have over 2,500 unique visitors and 30,000 Pageviews a month to CELOHFAN with over 40,000 people following CELOHFAN across various social media networks including:

• 930000+ Facebook fans
• 2700+ Pinterest followers
• 960+ Instagram followers
• 180+ Twitter followers

(Statistics from 9th Oct 2018)

CELOHFAN has been established for about 4 months with 400+ articles and with over 30,000 page views per month to over 2,500 unique visitors. Many of the site’s readers visit the site a few times each week, giving advertisers the benefit of repeat impressions in a brief period of time.

That means your business can reach 1000s of our subscribers and 1000s of our visitors in one post!

CELOHFAN is offering the following opportunities:

Text Link advertisements are available for just $10.00 per month or $100.00 per year. Links are displayed in the sidebar as shown below.

www.celohfan.com     Text Link AD Example

Banner advertisements (125 x 125) are available for just $30.00 per month or $300.00 per year. The ads are easily visible to all visitors from every single page. Ads are displayed in a sidebar image as shown below. Availability : 3 positions currently available.

New Opportunity for Post Level Text Links are available for just $100.00 per year. These will appear in any post of your choice that has already been written given you a powerful position within a popular post or related article.

Sponsored Blog Posts are available for USD$100.00. We can do a custom blog post about your product or service and include a link to your website for a one-off fee of USD$100.00. The post and link will stay permanently on the website and you are welcome to write/supply the post yourself, or have us write one for you.

Social Media Exposure : We are able to provide unique updates via Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ giving your product or service incredible exposure to our over 350,000 followers.

Please feel free contact us for further details at celohfan@naver.com


• All prices are quoted in US dollars and will be payable through PayPal
• Discounts are available for half-yearly and annual payments as listed above
• Ad images must be non-animated and static images
• You can change your image at anytime during the campaign


If you’re interested in advertising or need more information please send us an email at choi153.com@gmail.com

The following information is required for advertisements

• AD-Name
• ALT Text
• Image (Banner AD)