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Hilarious Moment Between Jin and V Not Many Fans Noticed on GMA

You will realize that Jin X Taehyung is the perfect match after you see this.

On the morning of September 26th (local time), BTS came to abc Channel's 'Good Morning America' as the special guest, coming to a morning talk show for the very first time in the States. Not to mention, hundreds of fans were excited much to see the boys live in the studio.

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As the boys bid goodbye to the audience, Taehyung seemed to lose control(?) and he was too excited to greet fans in front of him. Making sure that everything is on the track, Jin was spotted to 'collect' Taehyung yet again. As the oldest in the group, Jin has been spotted several times collecting the maknae line. You can watch the compilation here.

Meanwhile, you can check out the boys' interview on the show in the video below.