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15+ Scientific Reasons Why Blonde Jin Needs To Make A Comeback

BTS‘s Jin has gone blonde several times, but ARMYs just can’t get enough of this swoon-worthy look. Big Hit Entertainment may or may not bring back Jin’s honeyed locks soon, but here are 15+ scientific reasons why they absolutely should.

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1. Being naturally blonde is pretty rare. Blonde is practically an endangered species.

2. Do you want blondes to go extinct?

3. Do you?

4. No?

5. Didn’t think so.

6. Everyone’s “DNA” has 3 billion letters. Change one, and you’ve got a blonde.

7. BTS + genetic mutations = “DNA”. How’s that for a new BTS theory?

8. There are 30 known shades of blonde…

9. …and ARMY would like Jin to showcase them all.

10. For science, obviously.

11. In theory, blondes have more fun…

12. …and Jin has proved it again…

13. …and again!

14. Every scientific discovery begins with observation. According to our observations, Blonde Jin is hotter than the sun…

15. …and cooler than liquid nitrogen!

16. Those are the facts!

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