Police seized the companies of group X1 members

In connection with the controversy over Mnet's ‘Produce X101’ voting manipulation, police seized the companies of group X1 members.

According to multiple music officials, the police seized the companies of members such as MBK Entertainment's Ulim Entertainment Starship Entertainment on 1 January. The police conducted a seizure search to determine what was involved between Mnet, the program's producers and its associates in the operation of the ‘Produce X101’ vote. The police will secure documents, computers, etc. and enter into the analysis.

‘Produce X101’ selected 11 members through the final live broadcast stage, including Han Seung-woo, Cho Seung-yeon, Kim Woo-suk, Son Dong-pyo, Kang Min-hee, Lee Eun-sang, Song Hyung-jun, Nam Do-hyun, and more.

However, a number of multiples were repeated in the results of the poll, and a strange behavior was discovered, raising suspicions of voting manipulation.

Mnet said there were errors in the aggregation method, but there was no change in the final result. However, viewers accused Mnet and the production team of establishing a truth-finding committee. Mnet also commissioned the Seoul Metropolitan Police Department's Wide Area Investigation Unit to investigate the team.

As a result, the police seized the office of ‘Produce X101’ crew and the text voting data storage company twice in the CJ ENM building in Mapo-gu, Seoul.

In addition, the seizure was conducted in connection with Mnet's "Idol School", which was controversial for manipulating votes.