Big Hit Entertainment Reportedly to Move to New Headquarters Today

They will move to a new space!

According to reports on March 22nd, Big Hit Entertainment is moving to its new HQ in Yongsan, Seoul. As you can see in the photo below, the new head office has the logo of 'HYBE,' the company's new name.

As previously reported, the new name 'HYBE' will not replace 'Big Hit' but it will be a "bigger vessel for Big Hit to nestle in." HYBE will consist Big Hit Music, BELIFT LAB, Source Music, Pledis Entertainment, KOZ Entertainment, as well as HYBE Labels Japan.

CEO Bang Sihyuk revealed, "We are embarking on a new journey in HYBE with a new mission, space, and organization structure. However, as always, our fundamentals will not change. We will continue to believe in the power of music innovation, the industry, spread positive influence, and bring changes to lifestyles."

You can also watch the presentation video below to find out more about the company, its new brand identity, new building, and more.