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YG Entertainment Announces Bang Yedam and Mashiho Leaving TREASURE

The two will officially leave TREASURE.

On November 8th, YG Entertainment officially announced through the fan communication platform Weverse, "We have terminated our exclusive contract after a long discussion with Mashiho and Bang Yedam."

According to YG, Mashiho needs to recover sufficiently for health reasons. While in the case of Bang Yedam, both parties made the decision to create an environment where Bang Yedam will be able to grow as he is a producer with his unique music color.

YG Entertainment further explained that TREASURE will reorganize as a 10-member team and Bang Yedam and Mashiho's exclusive contracts have been terminated.

Finally, YG Entertainment thanked all TREASURE's fans for their continuous support and apologize to cause concern and disappointment as they wished fans will encourage and support Bang Yedam, Mashiho, and TREASURE in the future too.

We wish Mashiho a speedy recovery and the best to Bang Yedam's career moving forward!